High-quality, easy-to-use sustainable food and nutrition education curriculum for middle and high school teachers.

Finally, an affordable nutrition education curriculum for your classroom!

Nearly one-third (31.3 percent) of children ages 10 to 17 are overweight or obese. And 13.9 percent of high school students are obese. As a result, diseases once only seen in adults are now showing up in kids as young as 2 years old.


Obesity can also affect student’s ability to learn. It impacts their ability to stay focused, alert, to concentrate and especially to perform well academically. Plus it may impact their attendance at school and their self-worth.


So how can you help? You can encourage youth to adopt more healthy behaviors by educating them on the benefits of consuming more nutritious foods. Our easy-to-implement curriculum walks you through what to discuss with students and how to bring that to life with hands-on nutrition activities and cooking endeavors.


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What Students Say

“I loved this course when I took it at school. It was interesting to learn about GMO's and how food is manufactured today. I would recommend this to anyone interested in what they put in their body."


- Bob N.

“As a young person, it is hard to read labels and understand what food manufactures are putting in their product. This class helped me to learn that there are several names for sugar and other ingredients.”


- Linda H

“This course was awesome! I loved the field trips and hands-on learning! It really opened my eyes to how important food is for us!”




- Lindsey F